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5 Strategies For Weight Loss | Take the Down5 Pounds Challenge

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A Functional Approach to Women’s (and Men’s) Health

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What Our Participants Have To Say

I had no idea that my stress hormones could be creating so many issues!!! Now it makes so much sense... in fact before I took the course, I only knew about testoserone and had no idea that other hormones could be creating my issues. So grateful for this course!
Jane Taylor
From Dallas, USA
Until I found this course, I had no idea how many toxins where in my food, water, my home, and even my make-up!! I was trying to do everything right to eat clean and use natural products, but now I now I'm armed with the knowledge to see through crafty "health marketing".
Zasha Swan
From Australia
For years I've been struggling with fatigue even though I've have hormone replacement for my thyroid. After taking the thyroid course, I've discovered ALL the things that could be throwing a wrench in my hormone health!
Grace Harris
From Japan
No matter what I do, I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep and feel rested! I had NO idea what role hormones play in sleep, and now that I've made a few changes, I'm already getting the shut-eye I've been needing for so long!
Caroline Brown
From London, UK